David Mattingly

Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

David Mattingly is an assistant professor of physics at the University of New Hampshire who primarily studies quantum gravity and black holes.  He received his B.A. from Dartmouth, spent a little time at UCSB until the beach and sun just got to be too much, and then finished his Ph.D. at University of Maryland. Besides his physics career he has worked in software development and as a K-12 educational consultant for Journeys in Film, designing K-12 curricula for Hollywood movies and mini-series, and for brilliant.org, designing engaging physics problems and games for students around the world. His S-STEM work is geared towards assisting thirty students from urban areas in New Hampshire get to and through UNH in a STEM field, with an emphasis on workforce development.  As part of this work, he also runs a longitudinal study on the effects of university and high school supports on the students' academic performance as well as their cognitive and non-cognitive skill sets. 

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