Nicholas DiTommaso

Graduate Student, Michigan State University

Nicholas is a junior studying Chemical Engineering and Economics at Michigan State University (MSU). He has been a researcher for Beaumont Hospital, the Michigan State University chemistry department, and the University of Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Veterans Administration. Nicholas has worked as a NSF REU researcher and is a member of a scholarship cohort sponsored by the NSF. Nicholas is also a member of the Michigan State Honors College. Through his role in the Honors College Nicholas has volunteered in both the Lansing and East Lansing community, providing tutoring and mentorship to at-risk high school students.

Nicholas’ research experiences are quite broad, having performed in a variety of benchtop and analytical roles. His experiences have not been limited to research as he is also a Co-Op at LyondellBasell, working as a process engineering Co-Op. Nicholas also represents the MSU College of Engineering as a Peer Leader. A role in which students help their freshman peers adjust to college life and become engaged with professional resources. Nicholas is always looking for ways to get involved on campus. Having seen firsthand the impact of quality mentoring, he aims to utilize himself as a resource for younger students. 

In his free time, Nicholas is an avid reader and advocate for a variety of causes. Having been born with a rare genetic disorder, he works with a national society of patient advocates for others with the disorder. He has advocated to both members of the Senate and House of Representatives on various legislative policies ranging from research funding to newborn screening.

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